Roulette bonuses from online casinos

Online casinos such as are known to offer fantastic bonuses to their new and loyal players. Some of these players have raked in huge amounts of money by using these bonuses intelligently. Want to know how bonuses work in online Roulette? Keep reading!

Sign up Bonuses

These bonuses can be had by simply signing up with an online casino. Sometimes, you can get this bonus by liking a Facebook page or through referrals. Signing up is quite easy and involves a few basic steps. Enter your e-mail id, password, and you are done.

Matching Bonuses from online casinos

After you have made your first deposit, your casino might award you a Matching Deposit Bonus. For every $10 CAD you deposit, you might get the same amount or even more. Some casinos might even give you additional benefits such as Free Spins.

No Deposit Bonuses

You can even get a bonus amount even without making a deposit. This No Deposit Bonus amount is smaller than the bonus we just now discussed, and is tied with a set of terms and conditions. All bonuses need to redeemed via Bonus Codes.

Other Bonuses from online casinos

When you continue reloading your bonus i.e replenishing it, week after week, and month after month, you receive Weekly of Monthly Bonus from your online casino. Use this attractive bonus to unlock new features in your Roulette game and win big sums of money.

Another bonus to be discussed is the VIP Bonus. This is given after you cross several levels of gambling activity. Players who receive it are entitled to unmatched features and a personal valet. You need to excel yourself in your gambling to receive a VIP Bonus.

High Roller Bonus

High Rollers don't find Matching Bonuses interesting enough. Why? Before answering that, let's understand who is a High Roller. Players who wager very high sums of money are called High Rollers. These are valued by the online casinos for the money they spend on gambling.

High Roller Bonuses

To get this bonus, you would have to make higher deposits than the other gamblers. Therefore, a casino might urge you to deposit 1000 CAD and not the normal 100 CAD. That said, High Rollers get better betting options and higher rewards from their online casinos.

Monthly Bonuses

Online casinos are business entities and they are looking for new customers all the time. During lean months, they float special bonuses that are not available normally. These seasonal bonuses are governed by several terms and conditions. To find these special bonuses, keep an eye on your mailbox.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Please note that all bonuses are virtual monies and can be used only for wagering. They can be used according to some specific rules that vary from one casino to another. These rules can change all of a sudden so keep a watchful eye on your online casino.

Wagering Requirements for Bonuses

You can avail your bonus only after satisfying that casino's wagering requirements. If you have $400 as bonus ( 200+200), you will have to wager this amount by a certain factor. It could be 2x, 3x or any other factor. Read the relevant rules on wagering conditions.

Bonus Window Period

Your bonus stays only for a certain period. It could be a week, a fortnight or a month. If you exceed that period, your bonus can become infructuous. Activate your bonus as soon as you can after reading the associated conditions. Bonuses can be availed only for once.

Things to keep in mind

Bonuses aren't transferable. You cannot give away your bonus to another person. Most casinos allow one bonus per IP address. Bonuses are disallowed to underage gamblers. Your earnings from bonuses are subject to the relevant tax laws of the land. Some payment options do not support online casino bonuses.